The Stand Up (Feature Film)

Position: Production Designer
Directed By: David Wexler
Starring: Jonathan Sollis, Margarita Levieva and Aiden Quinn

Big Guns (Feature Film)

Position: Production Designer
Directed By: Chris McDonnell
Starring: Chris McDonnell, Mo Collins and Peter Breitmayer


Wu-Tang (Meth/Rae/Ghost) "Our Dreams" Music Video

Position: Production Designer/Art Director
Directed By: Rik Cordero
Produced By: Def Jam Records/RZA
Starring: Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon
New York, NY

All sets were built, dressed, and proped with one day of prep. More pictures coming soon.

"When Harry Tries to Marry" Feature Film

Position: Leadman
Directed by: Nayan Padai
New York, NY

This bathroom we created from an empty corner of a loft. We built removable double sided flats, tiled walls and installed pipes and flooring. We put in a sink, shower, and a toilet with all needed accessories.

This Indian office set was created in a studio, the window, door and all walls we built.

"The Entertainer in a Basement Affair" VH1 Reality

Position: Art Swing
Poduced by: 51 Minds/VH1
New York, NY

Frank's Basement Before:
Frank's  Basement After:
Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

"Heterosexuals" Feature Film

Position: Production Designer
Director: Robert McCaskill
Starring: Natasha Lyonne (Slums of Beverly Hills, American Pie)
Tovah Feldshuh (Kissing Jessica Steien, Law and Order)
Neal Jones (Rescue Me, Generation Kill)
New York, NY

These were all original/designed sets.

"The Onion" News Network ONN

Position: Art Director (Over 30 Episodes)
New York, NY



Incubator (Detail)

YouTube Spoof

Yum Brands "Feed Bags"

"Gay Horse"

Some Episodes I Worked On:

"Chaos in Gotham" 1 Hour TV Pilot

Position: Art Director
Produced by: LBYL Films
Directed by: Salim Khassa
New York, NY

More pictures coming soon...

Bomb making workstation in an upscale bathroom.

MTV "Thalia Smiles" Comercial

Position: Prop Master
Produced By: MTV/The Station Media
Starring: Thalia
New York, NY

All sets were built in a warehouse and were supposed to look like a set. Commercial was in black and white with colored animation.

"Boston Girls" Feature Film

Position: Art Director
Director: Gabriel Bologna
Starring: Danny Trejo (Grind House, Animal Factory), Renee Taylor (The Nanny), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco) and Camille Solari
December 2007 Providence, RI, Boston, MA


Diner Int.

Boston Police Car (created from basic white Ford Taurus)

Girl Getting Cooked

Bloody Fountain

Int. Surveillance Van

Int. Surveillence Van

Bloody Bathroom


Pitbull Dog Paws For Feature Film, handmade from wire, tape, faux fur, magic sculpt, etc

Pitbull Dog Paws For Feature Film (Detail)


Gun, Evidence Bag